Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu on Tuesday shared the step-by-step process of making a random video and it is hilarious.In an Instagram clip, the actress is seen doing push-ups in the middle of Rann of Kutch.“Step by step process of making a random video in a beautiful location, just coz you have a hidden enthu tourist in you. – Figure out a random activity like Push ups — remove the jacket coz you realise it might make it look like you r touching the floor hence taking away the credit of your newly found strength,” she captioned the clip.She added: “Couple of push ups later realise that your face is not seen anyway, thanks to the baal ki dukaan on your head. – Flip the head to make sure they know it’s you (coz it’s kinda regular to post other ppl’s videos on your timeline) — a couple of more push ups later realise this is not going anywhere.”“Just get up pick up apna boria bistar and chalte bano. – And next time find a better activity to do.#RashmiRocket P.S- the song is totally @khamkhaphotoartist ‘#interpretation of this video,” she further wrote.

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