Swapna Suresh is a notorious gold smuggler of Kerala. She is a woman with shrewd mind and wonderful acumen. Having connection with both Left and Congress leaders of Kerala, she has also made close relationship with top bureaucrats.

Swapna is the kingpin of a high profile gold smuggling racket. While working with the UAE Consulate, she had hatched this plan of using the diplomatic channel to smuggle gold. That was quite a simple, but highly effective plan. As the diplomatic luggage is not checked at the airport, her accomplishes used to keep gold in those luggage.

Following are some profile details of Swapna:

Personal Life:

Name: Swapna Suresh

Date of Birth:

Age: 34 Years

Birthplace: Abu Dhabi


Mother: A homemaker

Educational Qualification:


Relationship Status: Married.

News and Controversies: Some images of Swapna Suresh with Chief Minister Vijayan have gone viral. The CM had to come forward to deny having any relationship with Swapna.

However, there is no denying that Swapna has enjoying good relationship with the IT Secretary and through him she had gotten plum posting in the Space Park. When a former employee of UAE Consulate was arrested in the same gold smuggling case, the phone calls were made from the office of the CM to release the person, which was not done by the Custom Department.

Family Details:

  • Spouse/Husband:
  • Children: One son and one daughter
  • Siblings: NA

Net Asset:

Interesting Facts:

  • The IT Department of Kerala has terminated Swapna Suresh after she was emerged to be the big boss of gold smuggling racket in Kerala. She was working as a Marketing Liaison Officer. She is still absconding.
  • Swapna Suresh had previously worked as the Executive Secretary at the UAE Consulate in Thiruvanthapurram.
  • Controversial IT Secretary and Senior IAS officer M Shivashankar has also been removed by the CM. He was also the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister. He had helped Swapna Suresh. It is not known whether he was honey trapped or had helped her intentionally. He used to visit Swapna Suresh flat regularly.
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