She has worked her way up the ladder from being a budding singer to an onscreen star. Shruti Haasan had been eluding the Telugu silver screen for a longtime until her latest film ‘Krack’ brought her closer to fans. Donning multiple hats as an actor, a singer and a businesswoman for ten years, Shruti has now become a more calmer and balanced person. “Yes, I have more energy and excitement more now than when I started out as an actor. What happened in the beginning was I always felt defensive.People used to ask me “Are you as good as your parents?” “Why are you different from your parents?” — as if being different was a bad thing. Now over the years, fans celebrate me being different, I celebrate myself being different. That’s given me a great sense of calm and confidence. Also, being in the business for so long and learning about people, more importantly learning about self, you learn so many things,” says Shruti.Cinema keeps changing
Shruti doesn’t differentiate cinema in general and her role in ‘Krack’ in particular. “Because, integral to the story, I couldn’t ask for a second layer of depth in commercial cinema. I understand that there is nothing wrong in it.Cinema is never the same as it keeps changing, however, it totally depends on what set of audiences you are targeting at. I feel like I never really understood what glamour is. Commercial films like Krack are something I wanted to be part of, of late. I am happy for the response I’ve been getting,” she says adding that she doesn’t prioritize between team and the character she would play in, “Commercial film is a combination of both, because without a good team, you can make a brilliant film but it won’t reach enough people.”

Papa and politics
Her father Kamal Haasan took a plunge into politics. Keeping fans updated on Kamal’s health has become a daily routine for Shruti after he underwent a brief surgical procedure recently. But, the topic politics was never an active part of their dinner conversations, however, Shruti says, “Social consciousness and awareness was high at home.

But, as a child, I never foresaw that he would take it to the next level. Be it about our society and secular India, helping the poor, there is a sense of attachment with the public. If one closely observes him, papa has been making a social statement. I have been noticing him from a larger-than persona to a person now — the signs of him wanting to take the next step in entering politics was very much there.”

Shruti finds funny yet solace in posting “annoying aunty” videos on her Insta as much as she finds annoying with people who give unsolicited advice. “We know that one aunty would ask questions and give us advice we didn’t ask for. So I started during lockdown, I didn’t expect that people would like it so much.”

Does singing impact your acting career in any way? “I started out as a musician, it is a great gift and talent to nurture in the big part of my life. But I gave time of eight to 10 years as it deserved full attention. And now I wanted to balance both. If god has given me more than one way to express myself. Why should I not use it, but it’s a trick balancing,” she says.

Take on relationship
What’s your take on relationships and marriage? “It is always about the right time and right place. Many things have to align for it to work. I think there was a phase of my life where I was absolutely sure I wouldn’t get married. I am not sure when the time comes. I’m still discovering what the institution of marriage means to me. Relationship is always about camaraderie, respect and it is about giving that time. To be honest, I didn’t have that time properly before this, there is one relationship, I felt like it took too much out of me. Everybody has been in the situation where you feel I am giving too much. So I felt I should disperse the relationship. Always felt that my first relationship was with myself, that might make me a bit selfish, and also make a better friend, better family member. One should not be regretful of not doing something you were ought to do. I feel anything we have learnt during the pandemic is communication is important,” she says.

No birthday bash
No birthday bash this time for Shruti. She would rather spend time with family eating cake. “I wish it was a low-key affair. Not sure I may be working or may not, I have no clue,” she smiles.

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