OnePlus has really cranked up the volume on its teaser campaign for their upcoming flagship — the OnePlus 7 Pro.

A day after we saw the Chinese smartphone company push out full-page ad teasers for the phones in the US, the latest promotional stunt is a three-part camera teaser of a bird on a seaside log.

Thanks to camera samples shared by the company via its official Twitter handle, it’s confirmed that the OnePlus 7 Pro will indeed have an ultrawide lens (in addition to a 3X optical zoom-capable telephoto lens) as part of its triple-camera array.

One shot is taken with a standard sensor (rumored to be a 48 MP sensor) while another is shot at 3x zoom. The third image sample, however, shows a distant, wide shot which is clearly shot using an ultrawide lens.

OnePlus has also apparently shared a unit of the OnePlus 7 Pro with the folks over at Wired, who took it for a spin at a nearby racetrack. The samples shared by the publication further confirms the presence of a 3X telephoto zoom lens with the ability to stretch all the way up to 10X digital zoom if required.

As per the report, the 3x zoom lens is also used by the phone to help with depth measurements in Portrait mode. OnePlus told the Wired, that the mode is “more natural” and that the effect should be “closer to what you’d get from a professional lens.”

Further, OnePlus also confirmed some improvements to how the OnePlus 7 Pro handles low-light and HDR. OnePlus doesn’t explicitly confirm the rumored 48 MP primary sensor here, but explains that it uses “pixel binning to create 12-megapixel images,” just like other phones with similarly sized 48 MP sensors do.

Further, thanks to a new sensor and some software tweaks to its “Nightscape” feature, the company says low-light performance should also see an improvement over the OnePlus 6T. The publication also notes that the feature is only “slightly slower” than normal shooting.

While the early samples in themselves don’t reveal a drastic upgrade in clarity or the way in which the phone deals with light and colour tones, we will have to wait and reserve any judgement as to whether the OnePlus 7 Pro does indeed do justice to all this hype that the company is cooking up.

Besides, the OnePlus 7 Pro is also expected to be an “ultra-premium flagship”, which means that the phone will be pitted against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup, the iPhone XS and the Huawei P30 Pro.


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