Covid-19 cases may reach 60K in Madhya Pradesh, says Shivraj


Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday made a projection that the coronavirus positive cases in the state may reach up to 60,000 in the “worst case” scenario.

Chouhan however said there was no need to be scared of such a situation since the state was “fully prepared” for such an eventuality.

“Around 35,000 beds are currently available in our Covid-19 designated hospitals in the state. We are in the process of increasing the number of beds to 85,000. We are fully prepared to meet any situation. There is nothing to fear for any situation,” he told the media.

As of Monday, Madhya Pradesh has reported 5,236 coronavirus positive cases. The state recorded 256 deaths due to the virus till date.

Tentacle of coronavirus was spreading ominously in the state already taking 45 out of 52 districts under its grip, even as there is no sign of abatement of confirmed cases in three cities in the state, Bhopal, Indore and Ujjain.

“Coronavirus positive cases are expected to rise in the state in coming days for several reasons. Key reason of growing confirmed cases is that the state was late by one and half month to act,” Chouhan said while blaming the previous Kamal Nath government for not taking any initiative to tackle the pandemic outbreak.

He also said that the reverse migration of guest workers from other states has led to the spurt in coronavirus cases in the state lately.

Chouhan however said that the pandemic situation in two cities of Indore and Bhopal were being brought under check gradually.

“Earlier, Indore and Bhopal used to report around 200 and 100 coronavirus positive cases daily respectively. But now, the confirmed cases in the two cities have come down to around 30 and 70 daily respectively,” he added.

It was heartening to note that recovery cases in the state have been steadily increasing, he remarked.


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