Brexit: EU’s Barnier warns of ‘long road ahead’


The EU says much work still needs to be done on Brexit, despite agreeing a draft withdrawal document with the UK.

“We still have a long road ahead of us on both sides,” chief negotiator Michel Barnier said.

The EU has set out a series of meetings leading to one on 25 November where it plans to approve the Brexit agreement.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has won the backing of her cabinet but faces a tough task getting the agreement approved by Parliament.

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A sign of that came on Thursday morning when Mr Barnier’s UK counterpart, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, resigned saying he could not “in good conscience” support the agreement.

What has the EU said and what happens next?
Mr Barnier was speaking on Thursday morning alongside EU Council head Donald Tusk as the chief negotiator formally handed over the 585-page draft withdrawal agreement.

Mr Barnier said the agreement was fair and balanced, provided for an orderly withdrawal, took into account the UK’s needs and laid the ground for an “ambitious new partnership”. He will on Thursday brief MEPs in the European parliament.



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